Realms of power

In the dark belly of the earth, Sigyn emptied a bowl into the boiling lake of poison, silently considering her husband's punishment. A prison unlike any, made to punish one monster alone.

Shambling through the dark halls, she suddenly heard the impossible. Drip. Drip. Drip.

No sounds of agony. No cursing screams. No sizzling flesh. Only vile droplets echoing off a slab of stone. Her ancient eyes widened to perceive a figure in the shadows.

"They freed you?" she spoke for the first time in a century, her voice shaking. "Not at all," Loki's lips curled into a smile. "We're going to Legenda."

Pick an ability from 1 opponent's leading God and use it
I prefer the dead
Swap up to 4 cards from your hand with 4 from your discard pile  
One kind
Summon all Giants from your hand to ground